Our Commitment at Marañones

Dedication, honesty, respect

Pillars of a total commitment through all the processes at the Marañones Winery. Support from a professional team involved in improving every day.

“Our philosophy at Marañones can be summed up by two concepts viewed as one: ‘respect’ and ‘commitment’.
We are committed to respecting the landscape, understood not only as an aesthetic element, but also as a territory with its geophysical, historical, climatological and human characteristics.
We harbour respect for the terrain of the vineyard, its location, its components and its diversity.
We respect the vine and the different grape varieties, the way of cultivating, the vegetative cycle, the surroundings, the environment and the climatic differences.
We respect the wine making process in order to preserve and transmit what every vine brings. We respect the uniqueness in each vintage.
Most importantly, we respect people: those in the field, the winery or the management, and the final recipients of the wines we make.”


Respect for the landscape

We are constantly dedicated to improving all the aspects, all the processes essential in the creation of quality wines.

We seek to return a part of what our activity achieves to both society and the land. It is a relationship between project and region. Our economic development must contribute to the improvement and the promotion of the region. We uphold ground values such as respect for the environment, culture, and engagement in rewarding hard work.

To this end, we see the land as an essential part in which the environment and the human component converge. We also view the land as a way to address competitive challenges through enacted solutions.

We follow principles of responsible energy use in the winery and try to reduce the environmental impact of our activity. We implement practical steps for greater energy savings.

Our new construction follows a protocol for sustainable building and integration into the landscape.

We adhere to criteria of organic and biodynamic agriculture. It allows a symbiosis between the vineyard and the surrounding natural environment.

We follow a water optimisation protocol in the winery, as well as a program of responsible waste management.

R&D at Marañones Winery are currently focused on two main areas: the recovery of local traditional varieties and their optimisation in the production of high quality wines.

Through the project "Beyond the wine", we promote knowledge and conservation of the cultural values associated with the world of wine in Gredos.

The Marañones team

Since 2008, the first vintage of our young winery, our team has been steadily growing. In every hire we seek professionalism, vocation and dedication We do not simply choose people performing assigned tasks well. We are not only committed to following legal regulations but also a moral code of ethics.

At Marañones the human factor prevails when selecting our team members. We foster a permanent group that upholds our shared ethos and hire seasonal staff when needed for specific tasks such as harvesting or temporary backup.

The new Marañones winery

The quality of our wine is the result of our deep care for the vineyard, its characteristics and surroundings. When you drink our wine, you will feel transported into our vineyard.

Better enjoy and understand our wines by visiting us. You will gain a deeper appreciation of the connection between the land and the production process. The construction project of a new winery in the Marañones estate was born from this connection. The vineyard extends over almost 30 hectares of mixed vines with some plots populated with different species of trees and wild plants forming a unique landscape.

The procedures with the ‘Comunidad de Madrid’ are already underway. We intend to build facilities that are not just appropriate for production but also respectful of the environment, and integrated into the landscape. They will be open to the public and easily accessible. Our new winery will initiate you into the beauty of the vineyard and the estate.

The new vineyard

We have recently undertaken the plantation of four hectares of vineyards following specific Marañones quality methods. In high altitude,

above 750 metres, with local vines, planted in goblets and staggered rows, maintaining the characteristics of the surrounding vineyards.