Marañones living through its people

Meeting through wine

People who contribute their knowledge to ensure proper processes and give character to our wines.
From ancestral knowledge to a respectful oenology via approaching each plot and each wine with sensitivity.

The essence of Marañones Winery is its vineyards. Its quality has been based for decades on the care of the people who modelled this landscape. Marañones Winery was conceived, from its origin, as a project that had to pay tribute to the memory of the people who cultivated those vineyards.
At Marañones, our relationship with the people who once owned each location is an enduring truth. Even if we do not renounce to improve the processes of cultivation and production, we have a great consideration for what unites us implicates us and

obliges us with the region, its conservation and its values.
We have learned about wine and land, from all of these people, and above all, we have learned about values, effort and love about wine and land.
These relations of friendship permeate Marañones. They are our grounding and commitment.We are bound to the landscape through this legacy. It bears witness to our belonging to a communal project. It is a reflection of the relationship between people and region.

As part of the general project "Beyond the wine", we present a series of excerpts from the interviews carried out for “Marañones living through its people”. They illustrate the essence of Gredos wine landscapes based on the social and cultural memory of its people.

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The reference of a new enology

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The climate and the environment

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Women and wine works

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The memories of many lives

“I want to pass on what we have to my children and my grandchildren. I'm going to try to instil it in the generations to come."

Manuel García Delgado
"Negrillo" 69 years old

“The women worked a lot, squeezing the grapes, removing the bad ones and organising the boxes, 5 or 6 each"

María Cruz García Sánchez
97 years old

“When we were 13-14 years old, we stayed up until 2-3 in the morning trampling the grapes after a full day of harvesting."

Antonio Bravo García
“Hilero" 63 years old

In agriculture, the science is in the sky and the weather. He who says he understands it is a liar.

Félix Fernández Rodríguez
“Cascarilla” 82 years old

The more work you put in it, the more freshness is always kept for the fruit.

Francisco Blázquez García
“Pepe” 88 years old

The women harvested more than the men.

Luís López Cabrera
“Luisillo” 83 years old

Everyone allows it to be lost and young people do not want to be in the countryside.

Eulogio Zarzalejo Yuste
“Palillo” 75 years old

What you put into the vineyard is what you get back.

Luís Lastras Gómez
“El Pollo” 74 years old

We enjoyed the start of the harvest as though we were children.

Pablo García Reviejo
“Curro” 81 years old

"The first thing I did when I started my adventure into wine was to seek the advice of experts such as Carlos Gosálbez, Paco Parejo, Mariano Cabello and others, to whom I will never cease to be grateful. I am also grateful to all the people who support me and encourage me, like my friend Picuenco."

J. Fernando Cornejo

"You are ‘crazy sanes’ "

"You are ‘crazy sanes’. You saved all the slowly dying vineyards of this town. Instead you gave them prestige.”
"Marañones Winery has built new foundations. Without them the vineyards would have gradually lost all prospects."
"My first job was to go to the field to hand pick the vine shoots. Today no one is capable of working the vineyard, to realise what the countryside is. It is precious, even if it demands a hard sacrifice. Our values are lost, the love of nature is lost. People tend to forget that we make wine in our town.”

Valentín Rey Reviejo "Picuenco"

Valentín Rey Reviejo
Carlos Gosálbez

"Working with life, it's life"

"If there is no passion, wine cannot be made."
“Traditionally our wines had a different purpose. They had a high alcohol content. That's why the Mediterranean wines enchanted the Romans. The latest generations have changed this."
"I was not wrong. I am into it. I would not have done it differently. If I could not have been ecological, I would not have done it well.”
"Respect for the environment is essential. It is part of our passion. What we do is neither intensive nor extensive. We work manually because we are craftsmen not manufacturers.”

Carlos Gosálbez
winemaker and viticulturist
Gosálbez Orti Winery