Beyond the wine

Landscape, culture, life

"Beyond the wine" is an ambitious project of Cultural and Ethnographic Heritage that is expressed through wine. This originates from the personal and professional career of J. Fernando Cornejo as creator and cultural manager. Marañones Winery represents the coming together in the rural world of visions, passions, actions. Here, land, culture, tangible and intangible heritage meet.

Social responsibility at the Marañones winery

The objective is to emphasise the cultural wine landscapes in Gredos as heritage spaces based on the confluence of natural and human aspects.
Currently the works are based on establishing a link between wine, culture and landscape by the hand of J. Fernando Cornejo as a winemaker and owner of the

Marañones winery and as a manager of cultural projects. His vision and commitment to the culture and wine management are interwoven in an extensive experience. He has a clear concept and takes a methodological approach to the deep knowledge of the values and the importance of the region and its wine.

Interview in process at the Peña Cruzada site, in order to compile information for “Marañones living through its people”.

Sierra de Gredos from a geographical and anthropological perspective.

Marañones Area. A wine landscape in Gredos. Enclosure with stone walls and evergreen oak woodland in locations where the recovery of vineyards is taking place.

Two lines of work have been developed for the project "Beyond the wine" (for the promotion of Gredos wine landscapes).
On the one hand, under the heading"The geographies of the Marañones wine" fundamental aspects are analysed and compiled that

characterise the wine landscapes in Gredos especially in the area of San Martín de Valdeiglesias.
For this project, bibliographical and cartographic sources have been used.

Collection of graphic documentation that allows defining and establishing historical values of the wine landscapes in Gredos. Book of harvests of Luis Lastras Gómez, El Pollo. San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

On the other hand, under the heading "The people in which Marañones lives", the baggage of people linked to the history of wine in the area has been compiled, which, through their memories and direct experiences, allow us to build

a sequence, both the evolution of wine in the region in the last 50 years, and the definition of positions and visions in some of the key issues in that evolution.

Monastery of Santa María de Valdeiglesias in Pelayos de la Presa. Historical monument linked to the origin of the wine production and culture in the area.

J. Fernando Cornejo and the culture of wine

Landscape, Culture, Life

Excerpt from the interview with J. Fernando Cornejo, owner of the Marañones Winery in the Sierra de Gredos, about his personal and professional journey dedicated to the world of cultural management and wine.

The context of these works includes an interview with J. Fernando Cornejo that allows us to understand the scope of the project and how it arises and is inserted in the personal and professional trajectory of its promoter and executor.

J. Fernando Cornejo
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What is your personal experience when it comes to Heritage and Culture?

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Where does it come from and how do you relate to Heritage?

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Develop cultural projects. What do you think are the main obstacles for the development of these projects?

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Is there a defined professional field for cultural management?

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Why approach cultural management projects?

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Could you tell us in broad terms how this type of project is developed?

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All that enormous effort, what does it bring?

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What is your favorite project?

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How did Marañones Winery emerge?

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Could you define in a few words what Marañones Winery is?

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What does a project such as Marañones Winery bring you personally or professionally?

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And what do you think you bring?

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What are the essential principles of Marañones Winery?

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To what extent has that background influenced the development of the project at Marañones Winery?

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What would you like people to take from the ambitious project that is Marañones?

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What do you feel when you see the wines of Marañones materialized as a reality?