The journey to wine

Meet and share Marañones

Special activities, Offerings bringing together wine and cultural entertainment. Art, music, history, wine tasting in vineyards and other events set in unique locations.

When presenting the project to our clients our main intention is for them to enjoy a unique experience, in which the landscape, the vineyard and of course the wines are the protagonists.
We convey our deep respect for the culture surrounding wine in its various expressions and also offer various creative playful activities.

At the Marañones winery we love to travel and that is why we like to link wine and journey during each of the activities with our clients.
Every day the program is different, but always includes cultural activities, such as a visit to the Coracera Castle.

A wealth of experiences

We intend for our activities to be a joyful experience for visitors.The pleasure of tasting our wine encompasses the understanding of the place from which it comes from, the philosophy of its cultivation and production, and the awareness that all this is part of our cultural heritage in its broadest sense.

We largely carry out activities in the vineyards, with tastings or lunches taking place in unique spaces such as the great rock of Peña Caballera.

We do tastings at sunset during concerts at the vineyard of Peña Cruzada (piesdescalzos), in what was an abandoned quarry.

We visit the Coracera Castle, the Guisando Bulls and the Cistercian Monastery of Valdeiglesias.

We organise ‘sensory tasting’, photography and/or painting courses in the vineyard as well as talks on ‘art’ at the Castle.

And of course, we visit the winery.

We are flexible and able to organise activities tailored to the requirements of specific groups or companies.